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Post by LadyDragon on Mon Feb 23, 2015 8:29 pm

When complete, EMAIL to myself for approval. DO NOT attempt to post it to the forum. It WILL be deleted.

When creating your character please feel free to alter whatever is necessary to FIT the character race and/or class you intend to use. For instance, if you are an anthro-type or sentient animal, ‘skin color’ would likely not be applicable because you would likely have fur or feathers, so you would change that to be ‘fur color’ or ‘feather color.’
Anything not applicable to your character can be removed, HOWEVER we request that you do not ADD anything without prior approval.
Please be detailed! Remember, we intend to not only judge the character and how well they will fit into our game, we will also be judging your fit for our RPG. We want details, explanations, and a full understanding of the PERSON that is going to be introduced to our world.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the Administrators.
Player (this would be the name you go by in the game):
Player Contact (this would be the e-mail you wish us to contact you at):

Alias (if applicable):

Actual Age:
Apparent Age (if not the same as above):
Hair Color: 
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Detailed Physical Description:
General Clothing choices:
Armor (if applicable):
Weapons (if applicable):
Jewelry/talismans/other items carried on person (if applicable):

Tattoos/scars/other marks (if applicable):

General Fears:
Phobia (if applicable):
Favorite Food(s):
Favorite Color(s):
Other Favorites:
Physical Strengths (such as high dexterity, strength, or a character having animal characteristics such as claws):
Physical Weaknesses (allergies, poor balance, poor night vision, brittle bones, etc):
Experience Level:
Experience levels categorize how magically strong, or experienced your character is. Level 1 would be a character with little-to-no experience in their main Vocation (in this instance vocation could include combat experience for a Fighter Class, Spell casting for a Learned magician, and/or the various magical abilities for a natural-born magician, etc.).
In the same vein, an Experience of Level 3 would have some moderate strength or ability in their vocation.
New characters can start at a MAXIMUM of Level 3 and that level can increase as the game progresses and the character gains more experience in game. Further, Experience Level is monitored differently depending on the TYPE of character you are playing. Book-learned magicians, for instance, would have a set number of spells they could know based on how high their level is—more spells the higher your level is. Characters with Magical abilities they were born with would likely have certain levels of strength to their magic rather than ‘Magical Spells.’ The same for Psionic abilities.
The below descriptions for Level’s 1 through 3 are generalizations and can be altered and modified depending on character Class, character Race, and other variables. If at any point you have questions, PLEASE e-mail the Administrators and we will do our best to help you categorize your character’s powers and levels.
Level 1: allows for 2 minor spells for those that use spells. For natural-born magic users their abilities would be ‘brand new’ and they would tire quickly.
Level 2: Allows for 2 minor spells and 1 moderate spell OR 3 minor spells OR would allow for more power to their natural abilities.
Level 3: This allows up to 4 minor spells OR 2 minor spells, 1 Moderate spell, and 1 Major spell, OR 2 minor spells and 2 Moderate Spells.
Transformation (if applicable):
Magical Outfit (if applicable):
If you have a transformation and that means you end up with a new outfit (like a super hero), then please list the outfit here.
Natural Abilities (if applicable):
These are non-magic powers that your character was born with, such as telepathy or telekinesis. Please keep in mind your Experience Level when creating your abilities.

Magical Powers (if applicable):
These would be 'true magic' powers such as 'summoning fire' or 'shooting lightening bolts.' These magical talents would be for either Innate (born with) or Learned Magicians.

Magical Weaknesses:
These are weaknesses that pertain specifically to your Magical Powers and Natural Abilities. If you are a Fire Demon, you will naturally have a weakness against Water. Psychics may not be able to penetrate someone with a mental shield, etc. All magical powers have magical weaknesses.
Magical Spells (if applicable):
Spells would be specific to the 'learned' magician and would likely be in a book that they read from, or memerize from. Can also be spells that are 'harnessed' through some sort of talisman or weapon. In rare cases of the 'Innate' magician, they require a set of 'magic words' to use their power and only have specific magical powers they can use that require these 'magic words.' This would be a type of Innate Spell.
Magical Items (such as rings of invisibility, bags of holding, potions, etc…If you have  a Spell Book, or components for potions or spells, they must be listed here.):
Place of Origin (please be detailed in this section. this is for where your character currently resides, though can also be where they were born. Further, I want to know everything about the planet/world they are from--is it medieval in nature, furturistic? Covered in forests, or cities? Be specific about the environment and the type of place the people of this character's world live):
Occupation (If applicable—this would be what one does to ‘pay the bills.’ For instance, the Fighter type MIGHT be a cop, or a soldier in their world’s armed forces to actually pay the bills, whereas a ‘Healer’ might be a doctor or a nurse. A character’s occupation does not necessarily have to have anything to do with any magical power they may or may not have. A character does not need to have an occupation):
Family (if applicable)
Detailed History:

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