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Post by LadyDragon on Mon Feb 23, 2015 8:32 pm

The Character Synopsis is a brief description of the very basics for a character. This would be information that one would know upon first seeing and meeting your character. With the exception of ‘Name’ and ‘Alias’ (which we list for ease in keeping things straight), everything on here is something one person would easily know at first glance about another character.

Remember, you are welcome to ‘alter’ anything necessary to fit the Race or Class your character is (thus, if they have fur instead of ‘skin’ then you would change that line to ‘fur color’ and perhaps include a pattern of their fur if there is a pattern; spots, stripes, crazy tie-dye splotches, etc.).

You're welcome to fill this information out as you fill out your Character Template--this is really just the first half of that template, anyway--but ONLY when your Character Template has been approved will you be allowed to post this into the Character Synopsis forum. PLEASE do not post your Synopsis until after your profile has been fully approved; if you do, it will be deleted.

Player (this would be the name you go by in the game):

Player Contact (this would be the e-mail you wish us to contact you at):


Alias (if applicable):



Apparent Age:



Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Skin Color:

Detailed Physical Description:

General Clothing Choices:

Noticeable Tattoos/Scars/Other Marks:

Armor/Costume (if applicable):

Noticeable Weapons (if applicable):

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