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The Bracelets (aka watches) Empty The Bracelets (aka watches)

Post by LadyDragon on Fri Jan 29, 2016 2:28 pm

SO, the watches/bracelets--as I'm sure you've all noticed--are vital components to the upcoming events of the game. That being said, I felt it was only right that I show you an image of what they currently look like. I have uploaded this image into the Eneaenigma Gallery, but you can find it HERE.

Currently it shows the two, colored bars. Now, I got myself a little confused a few times and couldn't keep the bar colors straight, so here is the skinny. For EVERYONE there is a RED BAR and a GREEN BAR. So far it has been revealed that the GREEN BAR is monitoring the overall health of the characters. So far nothing has been revealed of the RED BAR.

The white O has not yet been given a purpose for being, but it is there.

Though currently there is NO TIMER showing on any of the watches, you'll note in the image that I have a 00:00 set at the top of the screens--that is where the timer will appear. Going forward it will be in HOURS and MINUTES. 

For now that is all the watches are showing the characters. As the game progresses, more will be revealed (and the image will be updated). 

Thanks all!!

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